We know pigmentation inside and out. We know its pros and cons. We are aware what can occur and are able to foresee it, because we have an excellent knowledge of all the factors determining the procedure's final outcome. We are also aware of what's possible. We derive our knowledge and experience from the hundreds of procedures we had conducted and from education, as we have been training permanent makeup stylists from all over the world for many years. Since 2005, we have been intensely involved in the development of the sector of permanent makeup, corrective makeup and medical pigmentation, both in Europe and in the world. Through experience and hard work, we have become the leader of our sector. We are the author of the only one textbook on contemporary permanent makeup, ABC of Micro pigmentation, lead numerous conferences and symposia, organize championships, congresses and have written numerous publications.

This is how the CONTURMO idea was born - the concept of our own, hyper-modern compact pigmentation devices and dedicated needles. A concept that is more than just another product. It is something much more valuable, because it is born out of the actual needs of everyday work. It is the long-awaited outcome of all our experiences and thoughts, a response to the shortages, shortcomings and needs of what has already been available, but was imperfect. We were given this splendid opportunity to construct the perfect device after the years of work with various equipment, systems and techniques. Our own needs, all the missing details, all the limitations of functions that we have encountered in our day-to-day work became the best, natural basis to answer the question, What should the perfect device be like? We no longer wanted to be limited by the philosophy of permanent makeup companies and by those functions which are available in the market - and unavailable in terms of technology. For a large company, available means mass-scale and profitable. Of course, it is hard to fight against the rules of the market. However, the field of micro pigmentation is so much individual that we have decided to undertake the effort to create something more personal. Something based on philosophy founded not on the sale of product, but on the daily work and the resulting needs. This can be summarized briefly, lightly and in the tongue-in-cheek way: CONTURMO contra concern.

This is the contour of new possibilities. New shapes. New dimension of common success.
Conturmo. Sensory technology.
Conturmo. Infinity of possibility.

CONTURMO is the answer. It is the combination of quality, need, pleasure, safety, technology and experience. It is the proof that everything is possible if it's professional, honest and ethical.

  • Sterile needles
  • No bleeding
  • Data exchange
  • No pigment bleeding
  • Skin test
  • Minimum of pain
  • No vibrations
  • More intense color