What is the SENSI?

Do you know the feeling when, during the use of some device, there's something subconsciously bothering you? "This is great, but if it had also .... [insert what you need], it would be perfect." Yes, we know it too. SENSI is our response. The sense, sensibility of technology and wishes come true.

Several years of tests led us to develop a device for each type of micro pigmentation, with the added, popular function of micro-needle mesotherapy. SENSI works for every technique and method. It is meant for all those who already work in pigmentation - but also for those, who are just beginning their professional journey in permanent makeup or other types of micro pigmentation. SENSI knows no limits. None.

Something that has not been here before, or what makes SENSI so SMART?

  • SENSI was developed on the basis of the many years of our own experiences and needs, and not due to purely commercial reasons.
  • SENSI is an in-house project, and not a mass device produced by a large holding, only presented differently.
  • SENSI is not a purely commercial device. It is a professional micro pigmentation device which fulfills all our assumptions based on our experience, as well as on the needs and requests voiced by our clients over the years.
  • SENSI is an ultra-precise device that can be used for any method of pigmentation of the eyebrows, lips, eyelids, scalp, breasts, scars, discolorations; to make mini-tattoos and for the micro-needle mesotherapy procedure.
  • SENSI is smart, reasonable, simple, safe and professional.
  • SENSI is small, compact, infallible and uncomplicated to work.
  • SENSI is adapted for mobile services, as it comes in a specialist box, is lightweight and small.
  • SENSI has a pretty, discreet, universal and professional design that will be appreciated by admirers of both the classic and modern styles.
  • SENSI has almost none of the so-called "gap-filling options" -selection of options which are almost never used, but look nice - and extend the process of programming the device at the start of the procedure.
  • SENSI comes with clear infographics on the control panel, which significantly facilitates work.
  • SENSI is intuitive, it guides the user through the selection of the right functions.
  • SENSI has the ideal needle operation speed - 80 to 160 punctures per second - optimum, real speeds based on the many years of experience in professional pigmentation.
  • SENSI has 2 programs for the selection of parameters: personal (selected manually, based on individual preferences) and dedicated (recommended for various procedures).
  • SENSI nie wymaga posiadania autoklawu, ponieważ pracuje w systemie jednorazowych modułów SMART.
  • SENSI does not require its users to own an autoclave, as it operates with the system of disposable SMART modules. PRODUCT/NEEDLES SMART.
  • SENSI has the intelligent Sensor Guide system, through which the device communicates with the processor of the control device. It allows to measure the parameters of skin and simultaneously adapts the force and adjusts needle speed.
  • SENSI comes with an integrated handle fitted with a rotating ring, which sets the needle at a length optimum for the given procedure. The user can work freely, without being constrained by the needle's factory length.
  • SENSI has two control panels: manual touch panel and foot pedal panel.
  • According to survey conducted among customers who underwent pigmentation procedures performed with SENSI and with other commercial devices, SENSI was declared as more comfortable and efficient:


According to survey conducted among customers who underwent pigmentation procedures performed with SENSI and with other commercial devices, SENSI was declared as more comfortable and efficient:

  • - comfort of procedure better by 72%
  • - color intensity after regeneration better by 68%
  • - healing time shorter by 81%
  • - pain sensation reduced by 59%
  • No bleeding.

    The operation of the patented Smart needle is effective, while being delicate. It does not hurt the skin, does not tear the skin and causes no irritation, thus reducing the bleeding and secretion of plasma.

  • No pigment bleeding

    The special construction of the Smart needle ensures standardized pigment feeding and allows the operator to work in an efficient and optimum manner. It is possible to follow the contour of the pigmented area on an ongoing basis.

  • Stress-free

    The comfort of work ensured by Sensi and the Smart needles means also comfort of the client. The positive sensations associated with the procedure and the high level of safety cause no stress or negative emotions.

  • Minimum of pain

    The patented magnetic system and the precise construction of needles mean that discomfort is minimized. The skin is not pulled or aggressively irritated, because pigmentation is done through the appropriate frequency of vertical in-out movements.

  • More intense color

    The manner of work with the Sensi device means the pigment is implanted in a non-aggressive manner to the selected depth. Skin is not torn, which means the pigment is pushed in delicately in layers. Lack of bleeding or plasma secretion means the pigment particles spread and settle beautifully already during the first procedure.

  • No vibrations

    The special construction and the magnetic mechanism, as the only one in the market, uses the full power of engine for both directions of needle movement. This solution fully eliminates vibrations, which facilitates the leading of the needle, in particular when working with the hair method.

  • Data exchange

    The device comes with innovative technology involving communication between the handle and the base. This ensures a precise system for pigment implantation and allows to control the frequency of needle work, irrespective of the thickness and quality of skin.

  • Skin test

    The advanced mechanical construction of the needle, coupled with the high engine parameters, measures the skin resistance, adapting the frequency of punctures accordingly.

  • Sterile needles

    The CONTURMO cartridges ensure 100% elimination of non-sterility, allergic reaction and infection. This is guaranteed by the EO sterilization method, with very high anti-bacterial efficiency. In addition, the needle's structure prevents the backup of pigment and blood into the handle.


The SENSI device is offered with an optional luxurious carrying bag. The exclusive case is made of the durable ABS plastic in beautiful cherry-red color. The bag has removable handles of faux leather. The interior is adapted to the shape of the device, to ensure safe and comfortable mobility of your Sensi.