The Conturmo pigmentation method is absolutely certain and guarantees excellent results. This is ensured not only by the purity and safety of pigments confirmed by dermatological tests, but also by the creative approach to color. The pigments ensure lasting color fastness in the epidermis, while guaranteeing biological safety and the natural, biological fading of the pigment in time, at a rate dependent on the individual features of the skin.

The permanent makeup pigments have an exceptionally intense color saturation. This is a guarantee of surprisingly good, full effect already during the first pigmentation, even in the case of work on the vermillion zone. The color palette works well in the pigmentation for skins of different tone and different age. The pigments contain special particles which delay the discoloration process. It should be remembered that discoloration of the pigments is an individual process, determined by numerous external factors and by individual biochemical properties of the skin. The permanent makeup pigments are manufactured in sterile premises, according to patented formulas confirmed with certificates attesting their quality, hygiene and health properties. They come with the required toxicology certificates. They meet the highest purity standards and have optimum particle size. They do not contain any substances which are harmful or which could distort results of diagnostic tests, such as MRI. The pigments are inorganic, mineral, thick, intense and very efficient. Volume: 10 ml

The wide range of Conturmo colors,
allows to obtain
the desired effect during pigmentation.

Color palette

  • Eyebrows

    The range of pigments for permanent makeup of the eyebrows includes several dozens of colors, with shades which can be matched individually to each skin type. Pigments can be mixed, to strengthen the color and increase its saturation, and to prevent biological discolorations to which each pigment is prone. The permanent makeup pigments allow to achieve saturated, attractive warm or cold tones, and unique colors to create individual makeup. The range of eyebrow colors includes lovely tones from beige through greys, browns, ebony and anthracite, pure colors of the nature, which allow to create naturally-looking eyebrows.


  • Lips

    Lips pigments ensure satisfactory result already after their first implantation into the epidermis. The pigments for lips come in shades of beige, milky browns, terracotta, a whole range of pinks, orange, strawberry or raspberry tones, bordeaux, natural reds and many other shades which can be used separately or mixed to create individual tones. The palette of lip pigments contains also corrector pigments for bluish-toned lips, which added to the base pigments revive the color of the vermillion zone and are especially recommended for mature clients.


  • Eyelids

    The eyelid pigment range no longer comprises only the traditional blacks, browns and grays, but also beautifully saturated turquoise, blue and violet tones. Most importantly, the palette contains signature, unique four shades of black, which properly matched to the client's skin ensure the unique effect of wide-open, fresh eye with enhanced iris color. The blacks contain light-reflecting particles, in shades of aubergine, bottle green, base green and navy blue, which guarantees a striking effect of the permanent makeup of the eyes.


  • Camouflage

    The pigments used for camouflage and medical purposes are very recommended, especially for discolorations and reconstructions. Some of the shades from this group are used in the liplight method, which gives a 3D effect to the lips, making them appear larger and more sensual after a traditional pigmentation with the selected color.