The infallible, patented technique for perfect permanent makeup starts with the needles that are used for pigmentation. Many pigmentation system use imported tattoo needless or the uncertified, cheap cartridges. They are fitted with a curved blade, not visible to the naked eye, and frequently hurt and cut the skin. Moreover, the cartridges are always fitted with a needle much thicker than an acupuncture needle, which influences the condition of skin, healing, the pigmentation effect and its subtle details.

- rapid assembly of the modular system
- the Smart needle is thinner than the traditional needle in modules available in the market
- the Smart needle is an acupuncture needle in modular form
- the Smart needle does not require the use of autoclave
- the structure of the Smart needle ensures stable operation of the needle, which moves up and down, without lateral vibrations, which have been reduced by the special, patented magnetic system
- the Smart needle is disposable, sterile and super-hygienic
- the whole length of Smart needle is smooth
- the Smart needle does not vibrate during operation in the epidermis
- the Smart needle prevents the spilling and splashing of pigment during work
- the Smart needle is a sensory needle that reduces bleeding and swelling
- the Smart needle guarantees noticeable reduction of pain during the procedure
- the Smart needle ensures comfortable regeneration of the pigmented areas, without formation of wounds or scabs
- the Smart needle is optimally sharp without being aggressive
- the Smart needle applies pigment precisely, always in the right spot, under any technique
- the Smart needle guarantees thick, consistent pigmentation
- the Smart needle ensures plastic, 3D shading
- the system of Smart needles offers an optimum, broad range of needles for each type of pigmentation.

The module of each Smart needle is fitted with:

- the Sensor Guide system - system of communication with the device, allowing to measure the type of skin and to adapt the depth and speed of needle work
- the mechanism for drawing pigment
- the mechanism which blocks the backup of liquid into the handle
- the mechanism which feeds the pigments into the epidermis
- the BLOCKED mechanism which ensures safe operation of the module.

  • Needle no. 1

    Ultra-precise 0.2 mm needle, dedicated for the hair technique, contours, drawing precise elements, pigmentation of scalp and for the nano technique.

  • Needle no. 3 R

    Designated for contouring, drawing eye lines, shading and filling techniques. A precise, close-knit bundle of three thin needles.

  • Needle no. 5 R

    Designated for shading, filling, aquarelle technique, ombre and refreshing.

  • Needle no. 4 Flat

    Designated for shading, 3D (spatial) techniques, filling. For practiced and skillful linergists, also for contour and hair techniques.

  • Needle no. 4 - Sloped

    Designated for shading, perfect for 3D lips, other 3D techniques, filling, surface refreshing. For practiced and skillful linergists, also for contour, hair and combined techniques.

  • Sterile needles
  • No bleeding
  • Data exchange
  • No pigment bleeding
  • Skin test
  • Minimum of pain
  • No vibrations
  • More intense color